Cyndee's evaluation vehicle

Cyndee's evaluation vehicle


We want to congratulate Cyndee with her new evaluation vehicle!

Cyndee Crompton (OT and CDRS since 1996) recently bought a Chrysler Pacific with Braun Conversion. Rick Gordy Mobility did a terrific job with converting the van to a mid-tech evaluation vehicle. In addition to low-tech equipment, this van is also equipped with variable effort steering and our electric hand controls (SmartBrake and SmartGas) for gas and brake. As a result, the majority of wheelchair drivers and those transferring to a 6-way power seat are able to be evaluated and trained in this vehicle. It is very easy to change from mechanical controls to electronic and thus find out what will best serve the client. Cyndee will explain the Bever electrical systems during the soap-box session at the Mobility Expo in Columbus Ohio (17-20 september 2021). There will be opportunities to view her van and investigate the equipment.

In the past week Cyndee already evaluated several clients in her new van.

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