ADED conference 2017

ADED conference 2017

Bever products now available in the US and Canada.

In January 2016 Bever Mobility Products Inc. has been incorporated in the U.S.A. Bever Mobility Products will act as the US and Canada importer/distributor of the products of Bever Car Products, the manufacturing company in the Netherlands.

Bever Car Products is part of a group of companies that has been active in the market of car adaptations and conversions since 1973. Bever is a specialist in (vehicle) electronics and mechanical engineering. Our in-house product development and manufacturing facilities, enable us to develop, modify and modernize our products to keep up-to-date with develop-ments in car technology. This approach ultimately enables us to offer our customers high-quality products that are both easy to install and can be marketed at a competitive price – products which they appreciate as reliable and user-friendly.


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