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Gas/brake slider with tri-pin & switch module

The gas/brake slider can be accommodated with a switch module. Through this switch module four switches can be actuated by turning or tilting the 3-pin device. Common functions operated this way are turn signals, window wipers and lights. The driver can now perform the most important actions required for driving with one hand.

Operating force of the switch module can be adjusted by mounting different ball spring plungers. Two types of ball spring plungers are supplied to make three different combinations (light, medium and heavy) depending on the users requirements. In order to be able to use the switch module, the product SmartControl is available as an interface with the vehicle electronics. 

Advantages of Gas/brake slider with tri-pin & switch module

  • Very low effort
  • Stroke and force customer specific
  • High quality materials
  • Perfect controllability
  • Many functions in one hand
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