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Gas/brake lever with L- or T-grip

The Gas/Brake Lever is supplied with both an L- and T-grip which can be mounted depending on the preference of the user. The T-grip is symmetrical, the L-grip can be fitted on the left or right side. In contrast to the Gas/Brake Slider with 3-pin device where the hand is inserted vertically, this gas/brake slider is operated by hand in a horizontal position.

The Gas/Brake Lever initially has many similarities with Gas/Brake Slider with L or T-grip, but still differs on many points. The Gas/Brake Lever has a slightly rotating movement, so that the grip with full gas and full brakes is slightly lower than in the middle position. The Gas/Brake Slider is a completely linear movement. The Gas/Brake Lever requires a shorter stroke and lower operating force. The Gas/Brake Lever requires less installation space in the length than the Gas/Brake Slider but sits slightly higher.

The driver can determine the desired brake and accelerator action by moving the device forwards or backwards. The Gas/Brake Lever is equipped with a damper that dampens fast movements. This provides a very good controllability of gas and brake, even if the road is bumpy. The direction of the operation of the gas and brake is personalised by software.

This product can only be used in combination with SmartBrake and SmartGas.

Advantages of Gas/brake lever with L- or T-grip

  • Very low effort
  • Built-in damping
  • High quality materials
  • Perfect controllability
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